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What we do….

Even after 22 years of working in professional kitchens I still get a buzz out of learning a new-fangled technique, discovering unique (to me, anyhow) ingredients, and, most of all having our guests going home with a smile on their face. This, for some strange reason, outweighs the lack of financial reward & social restraints of our chosen industry. 

The latter is not just about the food. The majority of our guests don’t really care that we soft boil our eggs for 1hr 25m @63c, we roast our Sunday sirloin of beef @ 54c for 3hr 25m or, that we use Japanese kombu seaweed & dried shitake mushrooms to create an umami base for pretty much all our stocks & sauces. They just want food that tastes good!

Everyone says a chef’s job is insanely hard and stressful, but you take a look at the front of house team here, when it is crazy busy, they smile genuinely whilst being under severe pressure.  I can assure you that even with ‘kitchen banter’ there are many times you would not get even a wry smile from a chef “dans le merde”. These guys & girls are often the unsung heroes throughout this industry. 

The Anchor’s team endeavours to create a casual-fine dining experience. This may be an oxymoron in some people’s view, but I can’t think for the life of me what else to call it without being a pretentious prick! It’s simple, food is a most wonderful thing when executed correctly, but what is it without the company of friends and family? Essentially; just a fuel.

So, what do we want to provide our clients? Food that tastes delicious (our first rule in the kitchen before any other). Service that is unobtrusive, whilst still offering attention to detail. Value for money is important too. All of the above are parts of the quality dining experience that we offer.

But, no matter where you eat your next meal out, burger bar or Michelin star, just enjoy yourself & the company you are with. This is the real reason for dining out and all we wish for you at The Anchor.



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